Ron Bronson

Ron Bronson

Improving The Product Toolbox

So much of our conversations towards progress focus on outcomes. What about all of the steps between ideation and launch? In the product space, so much of what we build is focused on sets of assumptions that often prove faulty.

In this talk, we’ll examine the fallacies of product development and explore ways to overcome the conventional challenges that inhibit progress long before launch day by confronting our own biases and developing frameworks that enable us to better inform our teams and expand our view of our product’s key audiences, stakeholders and fans.

Ron Bronson is a partner at StarshipXD, an experience design agency based in Estonia & the USA. For well over a decade, he’s directed award-winning digital product teams, specializing in late-adopter industries such as government and business. A trusted colleague for senior leaders, Ron melds technical experience with experience design tenets to develop user-centered experiences both on screens and real-life. He speaks around the world on UX, content strategy and digital transformation. Ron co-founded a startup athletic brand; spent four years in the U.S. Air Force and will happily talk to you about Finnish baseball, loose-leaf tea or obscure sub-genres of music.