Brogan Morton

Brogan Morton

Let's Get Physical — Hardware Dev in a Digital World

While user experience is often associated with digital products and services, it is just as critical for the success of physical products. Hinesburg’s own NRG Systems has significantly improved the way it develops and over the course of this overhaul we discovered that the development process used in the physical product and digital product world are actually converging. In the end we are all trying to craft the same ‘product’; a seamless customer experience that provides them with incredible value.

The new process that has evolved combines the critical elements of design thinking, voice of the customer research, jobs-to-be-done theory and Lean Startup. Instead of simply presenting the similarities in methods and process, NRG will bring the audience along a development journey using an actual product that is still in development.

Brogan Morton is the senior product manager for NRG Systems’ burgeoning wildlife conservation products. He started his career in engineering doing research and development on aerospace systems, and he now uses that technical knowledge to lead product development teams with an unrelenting focus on solving customer problems. He holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA. When Brogan isn’t trying to make wind the most competitive energy source on earth, he is trekking around the great outdoors of Vermont with his wife and two young kids.