Bill Drew

Bill Drew

What's the point of great UX if you can't sell it in?

Great UX will have no impact at all if you can’t sell it in. Thankfully, there are a number of simple and proven steps you can take to greatly increase your chances of selling in great UX. This talk will outline and de-construct the three crucial areas that determine sell in success:

Truly understanding the client/agency dynamic Understanding how to sell is not about selling at all Getting to “yes” is easy when you don’t have to ask for it

Understanding these areas and how to leverage them will contribute greatly to increased success. Distilled down from nearly 30 years of agency and digital experience, and incorporating real-world examples, Bill Drew shares this proven and practical approach–one that any creative professional can take to improve their chances of selling in great UX.

For nearly 30 years, Bill Drew has proven he has the perspective, talent and intuition that lead to attention-getting and business-building work. Bill’s varied experience at multiple agencies has uniquely prepared him to lead client engagements across virtually any business category. From one of the largest agencies in the country to starting his own pioneering Vermont agency, Bill has seen business and agency life from virtually every angle. Client and category experience speak to Bill’s ability to quickly apply the simple principles of human understanding to any and every project. Whether it’s Wrangler or New Balance, Stowe or Ritz Carlton, Keurig or iRobot, Bill asks the simple but often overlooked questions that lead to creative problem solving. Today, Bill leads the creative and strategic teams at HMC Advertising in Richmond, Vermont.