The conference will be held in Burlington, Vermont, a celebrated, vibrant, small city located on the eastern shoreline of Lake Champlain[1].

Burlington seen from Lake Champlain.jpg Credits [2]


The conference talks will be held in The Film House at Lake and College at Main Street Landing, an environmentally and socially conscious mixed-use space on the Lake Champlain waterfront.

The Film House seats 220 people in comfortable, tiered seats, and features high-quality sound system and film screen. Just outside is a foyer where attendees will be served drinks and snacks during the breaks. There's a small deck off the foyer that provides spectacular views of Lake Champlain.

Where to stay

Here are a few places to stay on the Lake Champlain waterfront (all are within 5 minutes of walking from the conference venue, except the Sheraton).

Where to eat

Vermont takes pride in its local, farm-to-table food culture, and for good reason! Below are restaurants that are within walking distance of the conference.