UX Burlington 2018

Call for Proposals Now Open!

User Experience industry leadership, fresh ideas, top talent, and immersive conversations on the beautiful shores of Vermont’s Lake Champlain on June 15, 2018

In 2018, customer expectations will outpace companies’ ability to evolve or invent experiences.* Welcome to the experience economy, where strong experiences on the web and beyond are more important than ever before. The 4th edition of the only area conference to hyper-focus on building great digital user experiences follows the path of impactful UX development, highlighting crucial milestones along the way.

We're seeking submissions for six 30- to 60-minute talks from speakers who are leading, strengthening, and—dare we say—revitalizing User Experience. New and seasoned speakers are welcome.

The conference will be held June 15, 2018 in Burlington, Vermont.

The submission deadline for proposals to UX Burlington is February 28, 2018.

UX Topics of Interest

The topic categories in the table below are preferred to help guide the flow of the conference along the path of impactful UX development. If you don’t see something on the list that you think would kill it at the conference, we trust your instincts. Submit your proposal outline here.

Topics We’re looking for thought leadership, insights and practical guidance on topics such as (but not limited to):
1. Strategy, Research, & Analysis
  • Understanding and defining the primary people who use a product or service.
  • Discovering and understanding what people truly need.
  • Understanding and acting on the context in which a user is operating.
  • Ensuring digital solutions fit users’ actual needs.
2. User Journey and Scenarios
  • Piecing together the entire experience from the user’s standpoint.
  • Visualizing the process a user goes through to accomplish a goal.
  • Understanding and addressing user pain points.
  • Aligning user experience to business goals.
  • Ensuring all possible actions are thoroughly considered.
3. Design
  • Creating meaningful and relevant experiences for users.
  • Delivering value at every touchpoint.
  • Sketch, wireframe, prototype. What’s the difference and when to use.
  • Designing user flows for better results
  • Helping users navigate information to make decisions
  • Guiding user’s journey through coding and / or visual design.
4. Accessibility
  • Building ADA conformant sites.
  • Being more inclusive through design.
  • Current landscape of assistive technologies.
5. Metrics and Testing
  • Designing meaningful metrics.
  • Merging storytelling and measurement.
  • User validation vs. testing. What and when to use.
  • User testing on tight budgets.
  • Designing insightful testing.
6. Future UX
  • Impact of rising technology on UX: Virtual reality, bots, voice assistants, Internet of Things.
  • Cutting edge coding / development for UX
  • Designing for real-time immediacy.
  • Creating design-agnostic content.
  • Branding beyond visuals.

Things to Know Before You Submit

  • We welcome both client and supplier submissions.
  • We welcome with open arms all professionals who contribute meaningfully to UX. If in doubt, submit an outline!
  • We value real stories of how your insights have created impact.
  • We encourage out-of-the-PowerPoint-box presentations. If you have alternative presentation ideas, by all means submit a proposal.
  • Be as clear as day about why your submission is not to be missed.

How to Submit Your Proposal

Submissions will close February 28, 2018 at 11:59:59 pm Eastern.

Your proposals will be anonymized during the first round of judging. Speakers will be selected in the second round by a volunteer Selection Panel. Please refrain from using identifying information in your titles, abstracts, and notes to the Panel. Be sure to review our Diversity Statement and Code of Conduct to ensure the content of your talk is in line with our community guidelines.

All selected speakers will receive free registration to the conference. Feel free to reach out to the UX Burlington team if you have any questions: info@uxburlington.com